Video Shows Possible Kidnapping At Walmart In Minnesota
Say Anything - walmartkidnapThis video from a Walmart in Forest Lake, MN (a suburb just to the north of Minneapolis) is amazing not just because it apparently shows someone escaping from a car trunk and attempting to flee before being put back in the trunk, but also because nobody in the busy parking lot seems to even take...
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Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere - The Watchers, by Staff Posted By: chip86- Mon, 08 58 2013 07:58:58 GMT Practically everything you have been told by the mainstream scientific community and the media about the alleged detriments of greenhouse gases, and particularly carbon dioxide, appears to be false, according to new data compiled by NASA´s Langley Research Center. As it turns out, all those atmospheric greenhouse gases that Al Gore and all the other global warming hoaxers have long claimed are overheating and destroying our planet are actually cooling it, based on the latest evidence
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Affirmative action supporters offer "conflicting arguments" in the name of diversity
Say Anything - By Kevin Mooney | Affirmative action policies that include race and gender preferences will face another critical challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court in the fall when it hears an appeal of a lower court decision overturning the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI). Since the organizations that support race and gender preferences have offered...
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Oh, good: Broke cities looking to unload expensive retirees on ObamaCare, i.e. taxpayers
Hot Air - 

Icing, meet cake.

The Obama administration’s short-term panicked desperation to avoid ObamaCare-related consequences in the 2014 midterms is only matched by their relatively longer-term panicked desperation to convince young and healthy Americans to get with the program en masse. They’re going to need a heck of a lot of people with relatively inexpensive health-insurance needs to participate in [...]

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South Korea's Kaesong Blunder
WSJ Opinion Journal - Seoul agrees to reopen a source of cash for North Korea's dictator.
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Claim: New York Dems Exploited Jewish Sabbath in Effort to Pass Pro-Choice Measure
Big Government - 

Critics are charging pro-choice Democrats in New York’s state Senate with a scheme to ram through an abortion rights amendment during the Jewish Sabbath in order to prevent Sen. Simcha Felder, a pro-life Orthodox Jew, from casting a vote.

The New York Post reports that the June 28th vote placed Felder, from Brooklyn, in a predicament in that, if he left Albany to observe Shabbat, the abortion amendment could pass; if he remained, he would be violating his religious observance.

Deputy Senate GOP leader Tom Libous said, “The Democrats were counting votes. They were waiting for Simcha to leave. They thought they were going to get away with that.”

Libous continued, “I told Simcha, ‘They’re waiting for you to leave.’ They didn’t care. It was extremely insensitive.”

Felder, a socially conservative Democrat who caucuses with Republicans, said it was indeed wrong to have a conscience issue like abortion raised on or immediately before a religious observance.

“I was told that they [the Democrats] were waiting for me to leave,” Felder said. “I was pretty dumbfounded why the vote couldn’t take place a day or two before the Sabbath.”

When the abortion issue was not up for a vote by mid-afternoon Friday, Felder decided to consult with a rabbi on how he should proceed.

“I was told because abortion is an issue of life and death, I was compelled to stay and cast a vote,” Felder stated.

When it was clear that Felder was remaining, Sen. Jeff Klein, head of the four-member Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC), brought the amendment up for a vote at 4:50 p.m.

With Felder’s “no” vote, the bill failed to attain the 32 votes needed to pass. Felder then rushed home before sundown.

The IDC and the regular Senate Democrats denied conspiring to wait for Felder to leave to bring up the vote.

Pro-life supporters said that Gov. Cuomo’s bill would have elevated abortion to a fundamental right. If passed, the bill would have required that the state not discriminate on abortion in benefits or services or anything else it provides.

Republicans in the state Senate had pledged to block the bill. Originally, Klein said that while his group supports abortion rights, it decided against allowing a vote on a bill that would fail.

The IDC introduced nine of Cuomo’s ten Women’s Equality Agenda measures, including enhanced penalties for human traffickers and increased legal damages for women who are not given equal pay. 

The abortion plank was omitted following massive opposition to the decriminalization of abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy, when a woman’s health--not just her life--was at risk. “Health” is a vague term that was feared, by pro-life supporters, to allow abortion on demand.-


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Navalny's Russian Courage
WSJ Opinion Journal - 'I cannot run away. Not one of us has the right to be neutral.'
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Alan Blinder: The Economy Needs More Spending Now
WSJ Opinion Journal - U.S. growth would be more robust if we didn't confuse short-term stimulus with long-term reform.
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Michele Flournoy: The Smart-Shopping Way to Cut Defense Spending
WSJ Opinion Journal - The outdated, wasteful procurement process needs an overhaul for the U.S. to avoid readiness reductions.
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UN Warns: Mexican Border 'Global Pathway' to U.S. for Illegals from Horn of Africa
Big Government - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released a report, "Transnational Organized Crime in Central America and the Caribbean," that identifies both Mexican cartels and street gangs as conduits for individuals from Africa and Asia entering the U.S illegally. The report identifies the Islamic terrorist haven of Somalia as being one of the nations from which the illegal U.S. bound border-crossers are originating.
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Lynch mob waving Al Qaeda banners...
Drudge Report - WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The horrific video show the four teens, reportedly out celebrating the ousting of Morsi in Alexandria, completely surrounded by the mob after fleeing onto a rooftop.
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They´ve created a monster! World´s largest private yacht takes to the sea after £400m three'year construction project to build 590ft behemoth - Daily Mail (UK), by Rebecca Seales Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 08 36 2013 07:36:01 GMT This is the moment the world´s largest private yacht took to the sea. Azzam, which was built by German firm Lurssen, is a staggering 590 feet long ' a £400million floating palace which has knocked Roman Abramovich off the owners´ top spot. It was officially unveiled for the first time in April following three years at the shipbuilder´s docks in Bremen. Scroll down for video ' Yachtspotters have now photographed Azzam, believed to have been ordered by a Middle'Eastern billionaire, being tested on the North Sea.
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Kenyan children all smiles while wearing donated Romney/Ryan t-shirts
Daily Caller - Romney campaign affiliate finds use for leftover campaign t-shirts
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Museum of Sex Features Weiner
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The Museum of Sex in New York City, located at Fifth Avenue and 27th Street, is now featuring an exhibit called “Universe of Desire.” That exhibit includes text from a Facebook back-and-forth between New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss. The exchange went something like this:

            WEINER: “I hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others.”

            WEISS: “Of course! It is all about taking care of the little guy!.”

            WEINER: “Little?! Ouch. You’d be surprised how big.”

According to Weiss, the two also had a thirty minute phone sex session on one of Weiner’s congressional phones. The Museum’s curator, Sarah Forbes, says that the texts are “artifacts of sexuality.”


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Experts Warn Against Latest Teen YouTube Trend: 'Condom Challenge'
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DETROIT (WWJ) - A new trend among teens called "The Condom Challenge" is causing concern in the medical community. The teens are literally snorting condoms and then pulling them out of their mouths. There are reports of YouTube videos showing teens participating in the challenge. 

Although local hospitals have not seen any patients as a result of the challenge, doctors are concerned that the condom ingestion could be a potential choking hazard. Beaumont Emergency Room Doctor Ammar Ali told a local reporter "You are taking a whole entire condom, which is supposed to be very withstanding and putting it down your throat and hoping that essentially it doesn't get lodged." 

Strangely enough, teen pregnancy has sky rocketed in the region since the challenge began. 


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Origin of a Legend - PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 08 27 2013 07:27:00 GMT A clue to the source of the enormous destructive power of the Obama administration's blunders in the Middle East is contained in Victor Hugo's novel, Ninety Three. It contains a famous chapter describing the struggle to contain a five ton carronade that has broken loose from its mountings and was now veering around the hull, smashing everything before it. It is where we get the phrase "loose cannon". (Snip) The same words, with some alterations, might be used to describe the terrible forces unleashed by the administration's attempts at proxy warfare - "leading from behind" as it is called.
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DETECTIVE: Trayvon's dad first said screams were not son's...
Drudge Report - SANFORD, Fla. (AP) - The lead detective in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder case says Trayvon Martin's father told him that screams for help on a 911 call weren't his son's.Officer Chris Serino was called by the defense Monday to testify about a meeting with Martin's father in the days after the Miami teen was fatally shot by Zimmerman.Serino says at the meeting, when Tracy Martin listened to the 911 recording and was asked if it was his son, Tracy Martin said "no."Tracy Martin was in the courtroom Monday as Serino recounted the meeting.Convincing the jury of whose voice is on the tapes is important because it would help them decide who was the aggressor in the confrontation. Relatives of Martin's and Zimmerman's have offered conflicting opinions about who is heard screaming.Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second degree murder, claiming self-defense.
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Guest Post: Tobacco Tax Hike Preview Of How Minnesota Is Driving Business To North Dakota
Say Anything - zx500y290_683583A few months ago I wrote about the effects of higher income tax rates in Minnesota and how these changes might impact the 200,000+ residents, businesses and communities along the border with North Dakota. The North Dakota legislature recently passed the largest tax reduction in state history on both personal and corporate income tax rates....
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Amanda Bynes tweets something unfavorable about the Obamas, is therefore a racist - Daily Caller [Washington DC], by Jim Treacher Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 08 52 2013 06:52:13 GMT I know exactly two things about Amanda Bynes: 1.She used to be a child star, and now she's best known for being out of her mind. Like Lindsay Lohan, except slightly more talented and not nearly as interesting. 2.These days she spends her abundant free time on Twitter, calling people ugly. Like, lots of people. All the time. It's just something she does now. This is no longer tolerable, apparently, as of this morning: (Tweets) We all know how it works. Once the accusation of racism has been made, the burden to prove otherwise is on the accused.
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