Time to forge an alliance with Glenn Beck

from World Net Daily
Jul 07 2013 11:43 AM

Dear Joseph Farah:

You are a true watchman for our nation who does not get the credit at this time in our history that you truly deserve. You expose truths that are not exposed publicly elsewhere. Is it possible that you should begin more reporting of those with greater audiences? in order to grow your audience?

For example: Glenn Beck just completed a production titled “Man In the Moon” in Salt Lake City, Utah. Why not report on this event and what Mr. Beck is attempting to accomplish in our nation? With such a report by your organization, you would get advertisement to Beck’s thousands that you currently are not reaching. Beck’s friends standing before him are God-respecting, Constitution-respecting individuals desiring knowledge and righteous government.

These individuals need what you are providing in the work you do, as well as what they get from Beck. You bring knowledge to the table that Beck does not bring or simply skims

Beck is getting our people to nurse and drink milk, but you provide “meat” for those who are ready to graduate to more. I believe if you reach out, beginning subtlety by simply reporting on Beck’s work, additional blessings will follow for you.

You are greatly appreciated. May God continue to bless you in all that you endeavor.

A.M. Williams

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