Little Girls On PA TV: Jews Are 'Barbaric Monkeys, Wretched Pigs'

from Big Government
Jul 07 2013 1:15 PM

Palestinian Authority TV recently aired a segment in which two young sisters read a poem naming Jews as "barbaric monkeys" and "wretched pigs."

The sisters, who looked no older than 11 or 12, took turns reading the poem that described Jews as those "who were brought up on spilling blood" and who have "been condemned to humiliation and hardship." They described Jews as "the most evil among creations." 

The lyrics of the poem claim that Jerusalem does not belong to the Jews, nor does it want the Jews. Rather, it "vomits" Jews out because of there "impurity" and "filth."

The PA TV broadcast of the two sisters was reported by Palestinian Media Watch.

Secretary of State John Kerry has not indicated whether he will demand that the Palestinian Authority apologize for the program, or if he will bring it up when he is with them later this week.

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