"Ousted bus union officials allegedly tried to pad anti-Scott Walker hours."

from Althouse
Jul 07 2013 6:37 PM

"The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 - which represents bus drivers in Milwaukee County and elsewhere - is the subject of a sweeping investigation by the parent union and the U.S. Department of Labor."
The ATU would reimburse the local for 100% of the costs for Milwaukee-area staffers to work on the campaign to try to remove Walker last year. The Republican governor defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, in the June 2012 recall contest.

It is being alleged that top officials with the local labor group then jacked up the number of hours reported to the union's international headquarters in Washington, D.C....

If true, that would mean high-ranking officials with the Milwaukee-based public employee union tried to profit off a recall election that was launched in response to Walker's efforts to curb the power of public employee unions.
So... this is a completely intra-union problem. 

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