Did Bobby Kennedy Kill Marilyn Monroe?

from Lucianne.com
Jul 08 2013 4:24 AM

American Thinker, by Stella Paul Posted By: magnante- Mon, 08 08 2013 12:08:18 GMT Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, but she still excites the public so much that her chest X'ray sold for $45,000. She´s the subject of 1,000 books, the inspiration for Macy´s new fashion collection, and an omnipresent icon who outstrips any living star. So why did the media ignore the stunning new evidence tying Bobby Kennedy to her death? In recently discovered journals of Hollywood private eye Fred Otash, he wrote: "I listened to Marilyn Monroe die." According to Otash, he had bugged Marilyn´s home and previously recorded Marilyn´s sex sessions with President John Kennedy

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