Man Arrested After Mother, Daughter Find Him Lurking In Toilet

from Big Government
Jul 08 2013 10:21 AM

TULSA -- A 52-year old man was arrested Sunday and faces a peeping Tom charge after a mother and daughter found him hiding in the septic tank of a public toilet at a local park. The woman told police that she saw the suspect, Kenneth Eslow, when she took her 7-year-old daughter to the restroom. Eslow was looking up at her from underneath the toilet.  He was covered in feces and had to be hosed off by Keystone Fire and Rescue, which was called to the scene to help extricate him from the hole. 

Eslow told police that his girlfriend had knocked him unconscious with a tire iron and subsequently dumped him in the toilet...a situation we've all found ourselves in from time to time. 


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