Experts Warn Against Latest Teen YouTube Trend: 'Condom Challenge'

from Big Government
Jul 08 2013 11:33 AM

DETROIT (WWJ) - A new trend among teens called "The Condom Challenge" is causing concern in the medical community. The teens are literally snorting condoms and then pulling them out of their mouths. There are reports of YouTube videos showing teens participating in the challenge. 

Although local hospitals have not seen any patients as a result of the challenge, doctors are concerned that the condom ingestion could be a potential choking hazard. Beaumont Emergency Room Doctor Ammar Ali told a local reporter "You are taking a whole entire condom, which is supposed to be very withstanding and putting it down your throat and hoping that essentially it doesn't get lodged." 

Strangely enough, teen pregnancy has sky rocketed in the region since the challenge began. 


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